Custom Cover Lens

Adding extra layers on top of the touch screen can enhance the monitor durability, but also affect light transmittance, reflections and touch performance. Bifa provides custom services to help you select proper cover lens and optical coating to improve display performance, touch responsiveness and also surface protection against chemical or scratch damage.

Cover Len Services

  • Specify glass dimensions, thickness and shape, including rounded corners.
  • Add holes and cutouts for I/O interfaces
  • Print logo and icons
  • Use acrylic/polycarbonate film instead of glass
  • A wide variety of faceplate and coating options

Cover Glass and Coating Options

  • The anti-bacterial glass can kill 99.99% common disease- causing bacteria and molds to prevent infection spreading through the touch operation.
  • Both anti-glare (AG) and anti-refection (AR) coating are ideal for mobile and outdoor applications by filtering out reflection and cutting down glare when light bounce off the surface.
  • The antibacterial anti-reflective glass is perfect for medical applications with germ-free & anti-reflective features.
  • The AG touchpad glass features silky surface and the most nature back and forth touch motion for ultimate user experience.
  • Corning antimicrobial gorilla glass can eliminate bacteria to ensure the best safety for medical and patient care applications. The thin and tough glass also reduces screen parallax and improves touch control accuracy for better visual quality.