Custom Touch Controllers

A touch controller is usually a microprocessor IC used to detect impulse signals and send the X-Y coordinates of touch location from the sensor layers to a central or host computer. The IC-based controller can be integrated into a controller board inside the system.
Alternatively it can be a flexible printed circuit (FPC) formed as a tail extending from the touch sensor substrates. To facilitate user-friendly and highly reliable touch operation, Bifa uses advanced touchscreen chips that detect and track the touch events with superior sensitivity and precision for your system integration.


Electrical noise can cause severe signal problems for mission-critical applications. To secure operational reliability and accuracy, Bifa provides touch controllers well integrated with noise resistance technology to protect your display panels against noise interference generated by electrical devices, peripherals, and the environment.

Glove Touch

Glove touch is a great benefit for medical and patient-care applications. Bifa provides superior high Signal and Noise Ratio (SNR) solution that detects touch signal through glove for your best convenience and operational efficiency.