Redesigned the Touch LCDs of Medical Devices

A leading medical device company designs and produces a novel airway system that can help COVID-19 patients prevent complications. The airway management system can monitor leaks around the endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff, automatically adjust the cuff pressure, evacuate subglottic secretions and rinse the area to reduce risk of aspiration and subsequent pneumonia. The innovative system come with touch screens that are useful for busy clinic professionals especially during the pandemic.

Touch Panel Requirements

  • 5.7-inch custom TFT LCD
  • 4-wire resistive touch panel with CoF
  • Glass-film-film touch panel with air bonding
  • Cover glass cutout

Bifa's Service and Solution

In order to ensure precise touch operation and optimal display effect, Bifa customized the unique touch LCD display composed of three layers: cover glass, resistive touch panel and TFT LCD module, with a multi-layer structure and integration complexity.

We thoroughly inspected the touch display architecture designed by the customer, and found that the wiring position of the cover glass conflicted with the wiring design of the touch panel. Making changes to the wiring positions were complicated because the positions of embedded circuits cannot be changed unconditionally.

In the result, each layer of the touch display was well suit the entire mechanical design of the medical device. Our team redesigned the touch and display components, and modified the related circuits to meet the system requirements.

Why Bifa

  • Customized service with extensive touch display expertise, including hardware, firmware, and system integration
  • Leading technology ranged from touch sensor, panel lamination and display enhancement technologies
  • Fast and expert services including consultant and support services
  • Quality assurance to achieve excellence in delivery