Multi-touch Enables Smart Operation of Medical Aesthetic Equipment

Hair removal is always a matter for people who love to wear summer dresses. A leading medical aesthetic solution provider adopted a tailor-made touchscreen display to simplify the operation of its laser hair removal device, bringing users a fast, smooth and comfortable hair removal experience.

Project Requirements

  • Multi-touch operation
  • Ensure optimal display visibility
  • Brand identity on device surface

Bifa Solution

Bifa offered enhanced displays with excellent engineering services. Combining air-bonding adhesive and projected capacitive touch panels, Bifa utilized special optical process to suppress the optical reflection and increase light transmittance from the 15-inch LCD module to improve the display visibility. The brand logo was printed on the cover-lens to highlight the company's innovative image.

In short, Bifa delivered a customized multi-touch LCD display that can transform the complex work instructions of the novel laser hair removal process into easy and smart touch operations to meet the medical beauty application.

Why Bifa

  • 15-inch 500 nits TFT LCD with multi-touch capacity
  • Optical process to enhance screen visibility
  • Custom cover glass with logo printing
  • Air bonding lamination
  • Professional and quality engineering services