Capacitive Fingerprint Sensing Technology

By virtue of ridge–valley direction and singular points of fingerprints, it can cross match the electric capacity difference by the computed algorithms.

high-brightness touch screen LCD for air traffic control

Technology Integration

Bifa’s exquisite image sensing technique can simultaneously go with algorithms from diversity vendors, meanwhile, it can further integrate MCU and AI for other value-added services.

Gorilla anti-microbial glass for healthcare display

Heterogeneous Texture Conjunction

Bifa combines different textures with special electricity sensing technology for the wider application. For instance, the silicone-based capacitive fingerprint sensor is no longer an exclusive application, glass-based or other soft textures can be one of the choices which is more cost-saving and wide-spread used at the same time.

glove touch LCD for clinic display with EMI immunity

Security Management

Bifa aims to bring a better solution for customer needs, which requires full-size coverage of fingerprint sensors. Bifa not only fits into the standard of FBI’s PIV requirement but also adapts to the industrial needs, for those which calls for the higher security needs like fintech, medical-advanced technology, government biometric sensing and so on.