Smart Vending Machine Displays

A vending machine is an automated machine which provides goods to consumers after cash, a credit card, or other forms of payment are inserted into the machine. Similar to the development of traditional mobile phones into smartphones, vending machines have also progressively evolved into smart vending machines. A touch display is a important interface of a smart vending machine due to it acts as a bridge of communication between vending machine and users.

Project requirements

  • 18.5-inch TFT LCD
  • Projected capacitive touch panel with AR coating glass
  • Custom mechanical design
  • System integration
  • Custom cables for touch and display

Bifa Solution

Considering to environment of vending machines, we proposed our customer a project for 18.5-inch display with projected capacitive touch panel and AR coating glass, custom cables, custom mechanical design and system integration.

A 18.5-inch display with PCAP touch and AR coating glass enables filtering out reflection and ensures perfect visibility when using smart vending machine. In order to make this 18.5-inch touch display module can be easily installed into the smart vending machine and reduce time to market, we customized its bracket and cables for touch and display.

Why Bifa

  • Professionally in providing integrated and customized turnkey service and reducing time to market.
  • Carefully listen to customer's needs and provide tailored display solutions.
  • Improving quality of our products continuously.