Custom Touch Displays for Lighting Console

In this digital age, lighting control has evolved beyond simply turning on or off. Modern lighting systems require more intelligent features to meet the growing demands for comfort, energy efficiency, and convenience. With the continuous advancement of technology, lighting control has undergone a comprehensive revolution. Our custom 21.5" touch display brings unprecedented convenience and efficiency to our customer's lighting control console.

Project Requirements

  • 21.5-inch LCD TFT
  • Perfect visual experience and sensitive touch
  • Cover glass with logo printing
  • Wide dimming range

Bifa Solution

Bifa customized the touch display to fulfill cunstomer's project requirements. We adopted a customized cover glass with logo printing to keep cusomer's brand awareness, and the projected capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch function for sensitive touch.

To provide perfect visual experience, we combined the the touch panel and the LCD by optical bonding. In addition, in order to adapt to the light and darkness changes in the stage surroundings, the AD board kit with wide dimming range is a must of this project.

Whether you are a commercial user or industrial user, we provide customization services to tailor the touchscreen display according to the customer's needs and preferences, ensuring that it fully meets the customer's requirements.

Why Bifa

  • Tailored service touch panel and LCD display integration
  • High customisation and design
  • Support sample to mass production in small quantity
  • Quality assurance of the products